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Instructions and Help about how to rearrandge pdf

How to Rearrange Pages in PDF rearrange pages in pdf

Businesses and individuals invest a lot of time and effort keeping documents organized. By installing additional document processing software to a computer, users are armed with significant workflow advantages. Those who work with digital solutions such as PDFfiller, know about the numerous useful tools available. Becoming familiar with simple features such as the rearrange PDF pages tool can end up saving hours of headache.

The PDFfiller online solution helps everyone rearrange PDF pages online in a few easy steps. This solution offers a number of added security measures with a combination of various functions corresponding to the need of every customer. On top of that, the online PDF creator works on any computer running Mac or Windows, as well as most mobile devices. This allows users with an active internet connection to edit samples while on the go.

Rearrange Documents in a Few Clicks

The customer should upload a file to their personal PDFfiller account. The file should not exceed more than one hundred and fifty pages. Select one of the uploaded variants and add the sample to your account. Next, the user may select the PDF page rearrange tool within their template or combine several documents into one. Those looking to compile the data from several samples may go to “Mybox” and merge up to five samples into one. Open the merged template to manage its parts.

The instructions below will guide you through the process of changing the pages order and orientation of your document:

  1. Review a PDF file, remember the number of pages you want to replace and their intended positions.

  2. Rearrange PDF Pages Online with PDFfiller
  3. Click the preview menu on the left-side. Select the pictogram with a gear-wheel and a pop-up window will appear.

  4. Rearrange PDF Pages Online with PDFfiller account
  5. Rearrange pages in PDF by moving them left or right.
  6. To relocate them to a different place in the template, click “Move to” and type in the page number.

  7. Rearrange PDF Pages Online using PDFfiller
  8. If some text or images have the wrong orientation, select the “Rotate” tool to adjust them.

  9. Rearrange PDF Pages Online for edit with PDFfiller
  10. Save the order and orientation of PDF pages by clicking the “Apply” button.

To learn more about how to reorder pages in PDF documents online, please watch the following video:

Youtube video

Sort pages, edit content and change the position of document elements in seconds with PDFfiller’s multi-functional toolkit. After trying our trustworthy and user-friendly interface, you’ll wonder how you ever processed a single PDF document without it.